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Net Worth

For 03.03.2020 – We have next information about Abu Baker earnings, net worth: $522,491 Dollars*

Source of income: Actors.

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Abu Baker information

Birth date and age: 573 AD, Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Death date: August 23, 634 AD, Medina, Saudi Arabia


Spouse:Asma bint Umais (m. ?–634 AD)

Children:Aisha bint Abi Bakr, Asm?bint Abi Bakr

Parents:Salma Umm-ul-Khair, Uthman Abu Quhafa

Height, Weight

How tall is Abu Baker – 1,73m.**
How much weight is Abu Baker – 68kg**
**We have a new information about height&weight of Abu Baker. It was submitted by Clo, 25 years old. Job: (Metrologist). From Coventry, Connecticut.



Abu Baker net worth
Abu Baker net worth
Abu Baker net worth
Abu Baker net worth


Abdullah ibn Abi Qhuhafah (Arabic: ??? ???? ?? ??? ?????, translit.: ?Abd All?h ibn Ab? Qu??fah), c. 573 CE – 23 August 634 CE, popularly known by his nickname Abu Bakr was a senior companion (Sahabi) and the father-in-law of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He ruled over the Rashidun Caliphate from 632 to 634 CE, when he became the first Muslim Caliph following Muhammad&#39, s death. As Caliph, Abu Bakr succeeded to the political and administrative functions previously exercised by Muhammad. He was called Al-Siddiq (The Truthful) and was known by that title among later generations of Muslims.As a young man, Abu Bakr became a merchant and he travelled extensively in Arabia and neighboring lands in the Middle East, through which he gained both wealth and experience. He eventually came to be recognized as the chief of his clan. On his return from a business trip to Yemen, he was informed that in his absence Muhammad had openly declared his prophethood. Not long after, Abu Bakr accepted Islam and was the first person outside the family of Muhammad to openly become a Muslim. He was instrumental in the conversion of many people to the Islamic faith and early in 623, Abu Bakr&#39, s daughter Aisha was married to Muhammad, strengthening the ties between the two men.Abu Bakr served as a trusted advisor and was the father-in-law to Muhammad. During the lifetime of Muhammad, he was involved in several campaigns such as the Battle of Uhud, the Battle of the Trench, the Invasion of Banu Qurayza, Battle of Khaybar, the Conquest of Mecca, the Battle of Hunayn, the Siege of Ta&#39, if, and the Battle of Tabuk where he was reported to have given all of his wealth for the preparation of this expedition. He also participated in the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah and was made one of the witnesses over the pact.Abu Bakr&#39, s Caliphate lasted for a little over two years (or 27 months), ending with his death after an illness. Though the period of his caliphate was not long, it included successful invasions of the two most powerful empires of the time, a remarkable achievement in its own right. He set in motion a historical trajectory that in a few decades would create one of the largest empires in history.

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